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June 29, 2018  

NUCLEAR IDIOCY IN SPACE & NEW YORK fill our world today in Solartopia.

We’re joined by the great KARL GROSSMAN, long-time activist, author, professor and radio/TV commentator for a devastating history of the nightmare of nukes in space, which (of course) Trumputin wishes to fund with our Social Security and Medicare.

We also host the brilliant SUSAN SHAPIRO, now helping to spearhead the lawsuits against the massive bailouts being perpetrated by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to prop up dying nuke reactors in NY State.

The depth of the corruption, cupidity and stupidity involved with these bailouts, and with the Star Wars resurrection, is pretty much beyond comprehension.  

You might want to drink some calming herbal tea before listening in on this show. 

June 26, 2018  

FAKE EMERGENCIES & PROLONGING NUKE DISASTERS make us worry in SOLARTOPIA about the sanity of our so-called leaders.

We’re joined by TIM JUDSON of the NUCLEAR INFORMATION & RESOURCE SERVICE,  KEVIN KAMPS of BEYOND NUCLEAR and ANGELA BISCHOFF of the ONTARIO CLEAN AIR ALLIANCE to confront the insanity of keeping uneconomical nukes operating with massive public subsidies.

In the US, court fights are proceeding to stop the insane subsidies scammed through by NY Governor Andrew Cuomo to keep four upstate reactors operating despite huge money losses and far cheaper renewables.  Likewise Ohio's FirstEnergy wants 80 coal and nuke burners subsidized by tax and ratepayers where wind and solar are much much cheaper.

In Canada, a new premier wants to spend $55 billion in public money to upgrade more than a dozen reactors that would otherwise shut in a province awash in cheap, clean hydro and wind power.

This massive health, ecological and economic death wish is sponsored by a corrupt, obsolete nuke power industry that can’t operate without huge public subsidies.  

Find out all about it in this week's SOLARTOPIA Show...

June 15, 2018  


We cover the terrain of how the Trump Republicans can steal the 2018 election. 

 It ranges from rigging the census to stripping the voter rolls, installing flippable machines, eliminating precincts, ending early and Sunday voting, and much more.

We are joined by GREAT experts SUSIE SHANNON (of the Democratic National Committee), DOROTHY REIK (Progressive Democrats of the Santa Monica Mountains), JOHN BRAKEY (the “Brakey Method” of digital scanned ballots) and BOB FITRAKIS (Ohio-based election protection attorney & author).

This is a deep, detailed discussion of what has happened to voting in the US and how it needs to change to prevent a complete fascist takeover in 2018 and 2020.  Don’t miss it.

June 8, 2018  


We’re joined in Solartopia by three great California activists to share their take on this week’s primaries.

SUSIE SHANNON (a member of the Democratic National Committee), Climate Hawk RL MILLER, and housing activist LARRY GROSS all have the inside scoop.

We focus mostly on the US Senate candidacy of KEVIN DE LEON, who will face incumbent DIANE FEINSTEIN.  

Should De Leon win, he could shake up the brain-dead corporate Democrats and help finally inaugurate a serious resistance to the Trump Dictatorship.

It’s a big deal….hear all about it, along with other key races in California and around the country in this cutting-edge discusion of this all-important election.  

June 1, 2018  

The great JOSH FOX joins us in Solartopia for a terrifying and totally timely excursion into the vampire Gasland of full-on fracking.

A brilliant activist, writer, filmmaker and dramatic presenter, Josh’s supremely articulate attack on the sick business of blowing apart our planet to get at methane is not to be missed.

We cover in this show Josh’s own personal history with the rise of the anti-fracking movement.

We learn of the hugely funded counter-attacks by the fossil fuel industry.

And we take the horror show ride of his brilliant, riveting and ultimately terrifying description of Cambridge Analytica and the extremely sophisticated black art of data mining and public manipulation through Facebook, Google and the corporate internet.

Nominated for two Academy Awards and far more, Josh is full of energy, savvy and hope.  Don’t miss this show….or his presentations on the road and in the theaters.


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