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April 30, 2018  

CHERNOBYL at 32 is the tragic theme of today’s sojourn in Solartopia.  

> We try to grasp the full meaning of a catastrophe that may have killed more than a million people, has created “zombie forests” that do not decay and has warped the genetic code of humans and other animals for generations to come.

> LINDA PENTZ-GUNTER, PAUL GUNTER and CINDY FOKKERS of BEYOND NUCLEAR dissect the horrendous radioactive landscape that has emerged from Chernobyl’s apocalyptic fallout.

> Among much more, downwind lands are still too radioactive to farm.  Wild as well as domesticated animals are too contaminated to consume.  And even after three decades the possibility of another major catastrophe at the Chernobyl site remains very real.

> These three brilliant, pathbreaking experts make it clear that in the wake of this horrifying disaster, which essentially brought down the Soviet Union, much of Europe has fled the “nuclear option” and gone rapidly to wind and solar.  Most importantly, Germany is on path to shut all its reactors by 2022 and to break into an advanced economy based entirely on renewables.  

> But with still more radioactive nightmares pouring into our air and water at Fukushima, and with things far from over in Ukraine, we can only shudder at what might happen if we fail to shut all reactors before the next Chernobyl hits our planet,

April 20, 2018  


Two great activists lead the discussion  

JOEL SEGAL of North Carolina tells us the shocking truth about two new grid collapses in Puerto Rico which have caused, among other things, a critical nationwide shortage of pain killers morphine and delaudid.

Anti-fracking leader DAVID BRAUN explains how this horrifying gas extraction technique is destroying land and water tables California and elsewhere.  David was instrumental in winning New York’s ban on fracking and hopes to do it again in the Golden State.

These are two brilliant, unique expert/activists.  Do not miss this show.

April 13, 2018  


We start in Solartopia with legendary activists TIM JUDSON and KEVIN KAMPS telling us about TWENTY (of 100) US nuke reactors on the brink of shut-down and/or being bailed out.  Challenges everywhere are being waged by a wide range of grassroots environmental and consumer organizations

Four reactors in northern Ohio and Pennsylvania will shut if we can stop Donald Trump from handing them an $8 billion bailout.  Four more will shut in New York State if we can defeat Andrew Cuomo’s $7.6 billion bailout in court.  .

Three more reactors are being bailed out in Illinois.  At least nine more have near-term shut-down dates, again subject to demands by their owners for outrageous bailouts.  Join us to hear the whole list, and how you can help us win a nuke-free nation.

At the half-hour, we talk with JOHN BRAKEY about ELECTION THEFT.

Major lawsuits are being waged in Ohio and elsewhere demanding some kind of accountability in our voting process.  John has pioneered the “Brakey Method” of using universally available electronic ballot images as a backup to the voting process.  

Unless the electoral process is made transparent to the public, all the big hopes for a counter-balance to the madness in the White House will go nowhere. 


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