Solartopia Green Power & Wellness Hour Harvey Wasserman embraces your views with a Solartopian vision of the people’s politics, ecology, holistic health and much more.

March 31, 2017  

We dissect the SOLARTOPIAN REVOLUTION in batteries, solar panels, wind machines, electric cars and more.

First we touch on the bankruptcy of Westinghouse and the terminal demise of the atomic power industry.

Then long-time solar expert SCOTT SKLAR, AMIT RONEN of George Washington University and community wind pioneer DAN JUHL run us through the spectacular range of progress and promise in renewable energy, battery technologies, electric cars and more.

From a gigantic leap in new generation batteries to an 80% drop in the price of solar panels to a new design for hybrid wind-solar-battery arrays to totally remade electric cars, the tsunami of Solartopian energy may prove too much for even Donald Trump to stop.

This trio of rare and powerful players in the green revolution gives us a unique and important detailed analysis of the only route available to a sustainable planet. 

March 24, 2017  

THE FALL OF THE NUKE POWER INDUSTRY is welcomed in Solartopia as we talk with JIM GREEN in Australia.

Our first “down-under” guest is the nuclear campaigner for Friends of the Earth and edits the NUCLEAR MONITOR for the NUCLEAR INFORMATION & RESOURCE SERVICE.

He fills us in on the current energy crisis in Australia and Elon Musk’s offer to solve it with a giant battery farm, a solution Jim Green basically dismisses.

We then cover the thrilling demise of the global atomic power industry, starting with Fukushima and visiting the collective downfall of the American and European industries.

We worry about China, Russia, India and South Korea.  But Jim’s in-depth understanding of the collapse of the Peaceful Atom gives us profound hope.  

March 17, 2017  

ROY MORRISON’s superb new SUSTAINABILITY SUTRA comes to Solartopia to help lead us to a green-powered Earth.

As Trump’s vile budget contaminates the biosphere, Roy’s brilliant, penetrating analysis underscores the need to move the planet to a sustainable future based on green technologies and common sense.

A long-time non-violent No Nukes campaigner now based in Boston, Roy is a mainstay of the legendary Clamshell Alliance, which he helps sustain to this day.

His interview gives us a unique, articulate overview of the challenges we face in surviving and thriving in the age of Trump.  We are happy to have him with us in Solartopia.

March 10, 2017  


We greet three great expert activists to discuss the downfall of nuke power and the insane wave of corrupt state legislatures forking over billions to keep dying reactors on line.

KEVIN KAMPS from Beyond Nuclear in DC, DAVE KRAFT from Chicago's Nuclear Energy Information Service and TIM JUDSON of the DC-based Nuclear Information & Resource Service
join us in Solartopia to examine massive bailout efforts in Ohio, Illinois, New York and elsewhere.

We begin by assessing the final collapse of the push for new nukes in the US, especially with the collapse of Westinghouse and France’s Areva.

But we then examine the far more terrifying turf of dying old uncompetitive nukes being kept on line with huge state-based hand-outs.

Basically it boils down to your money AND your life.  

March 3, 2017  

The dangerous, decrepit, about-to-explode DIABLO CANYON NUCLEAR POWER PLANT is dissected by DR. JERRY BROWN of the WORLD BUSINESS ACADEMY in Santa Barbara.

Dr. Brown is spearheading a major lawsuit agains the California Lands Commission, demanding that it require Diablo’s owners to obey state law and require an Environmental Impact Report at the dying nuke.  The CLC has granted Diablo lease extensions that could allow it to operate to 2025, by which time earthquakes, terrorism, standard incompetence and other disasters could have reduced it to an apocalyptic pile of radioactive rubble.

With brilliant, succinct exposition, Dr. Brown shows how Diablo is a lethal threat to our biggest state that can be easily replaced with 100% renewable energy, creating tens of thousands of jobs and bringing California into the Solartopia Age.  It is a compelling, unique dialogue with the force of law behind it.      


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