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July 28, 2016  


Our superb guest is the great CHARLIE KOMANOFF, pioneer of the carbon tax and one of the world’s leading experts on the realities of our energy system.

We start with an in-depth look at strategies and pitfalls in the presidential campaign.  Did Bernie really win the primaries?  Can Hillary beat Trump?  Is it actually a fight between “Mussolini and Margaret Thatcher”?  Did the Dems steal it fro Bernie, and will the GOP now steal it from Hillary?

We then go deep on the German transition from King CONG (Coal, Oil Nukes & Gas) to Solartopia.  Charlie shows that taxing carbon is at the core of our survival.  And that the German decision to shut nukes and move away from fossil fuels has actually CUT carbon emissions rather than raise them, as industry apologists are trying to say.

We further talk about the amazing success of bicycle use in New York and other cities where bike activism has had a huge positive impact, a movement Charlie helped create.

Charlie is a brilliant, cogent and important guest.  Don’t miss this show!!!

July 7, 2016  

INDIAN POINT and DIABLO CANYON are two nuclear reactor names that strike fear in the hearts of anyone who knows about atomic power.  We discuss the two reactors north of New York City with MANNA JO GREEN (Clearwater), GARY SHAW (IPSEC) and KEVIN KAMPS (Beyond Nuclear). These long-term activists and experts are dedicated to shutting the two nukes irradiating the Hudson River. They outline the critical deterioration threatening the future of these aging, uneconomical reactors.

We are then joined by ROCHELLE BECKER of California’s Alliance 4 Nuclear Responsibility who describes the landmark new deal cut between PG&E, the unions and environmental groups to shut the two nukes at Diablo Canyon by 2025.  This complex multi-faceted agreement calls for a 100% conversion to renewable energy, a “retain and retrain” program for the plant’s workers, and a definitive death date in 9 years.  A wide range of issues have arisen amongst those of us demanding an immediate shutdown of these decayed, deteriorating and deadly reactors.  Lets figure out how to get them down...


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