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November 19, 2015  

We hear about the ASSAULT ON SOLAR POWER in North Carolina with JIM WARREN of the great non-profit NCWARN.  Working with an African-American church in Greensboro, NCWarn has installed a 5kw rooftop solar system.  It provides electricity to the church at half the cost of the juice being sold by Duke Power, the monopoly utility.  But Duke has now sued NCWarn for alleged violation of a state law that Duke claims outlaws the ability of anyone else in the state to sell electricity.  This astounding lawsuit involves an alleged penalty of up to $100,00/day, with a current alleged balance of $200,000.  This is all part of the Koch Brothers’ assault solar energy.  Listen to this report and feel your blood boil.

We then hear from KEVIN KAMPS of BEYOND NUCLEAR about the massive nuke waste dump Canada wants to build on the shores of the world’s greatest reserve of fresh water.  The sheer idiocy of this proposal defies description.  But people are fighting it.  And with a new administration taking power in Canada, maybe we can stop it.  Listen in to find out how….

November 12, 2015  


We celebrate the hard-won decision by the Santa Monica city council to fully fund the re-hab needed for the legendary Paul Conrad statue.   We’re joined by JERRY RUBIN who has been part of the successful campaign. This iconic sculpture commemorates the atomic bombings in Japan and warns us to make sure it never happens again.  Erected in the early 1990s, it has been in need of funds for rehabilitation.  There were those who wanted to tear Chain Reaction down.  But Jerry tells us it will now be fully preserved and surrounded with a peace park.  FANTASTIC NEWS!!!

We also talk SHUTTING NUCLEAR POWER with longtime activists MICHAEL KEEGAN in Monroe, Michigan and ACE HOFFMAN in southern California about the FERMI, DAVIS-BESSE, DIABLO CANYON and SAN ONOFRE nukes.  These legendary experts take us deep into the nightmare world of decaying reactors as we assess the prospects for dealing in a sane manner with these horrendous remnants of this failed technology.

November 5, 2015  

SHUTTING NUKES & STEALING OHIO’S CORPORATE POT REFERENDUM are what’s happening in today’s Solartopia Show.

TIM JUDSON and JESSICA AZULAY first join us to celebrate the announcement that the FitzGerald nuke in upstate New York will be closed.  Entergy has said it will shut the ancient, dangerous reactor in October of 2016.  Governor Andrew Cuomo has objected.  But Cuomo is working to shut the reactors at INDIAN POINT near New York City so we’re not sure what to make of it.  But Jessica give us the critical detail.

We then hear from my long-time co-conspirator BOB FITRAKIS about the CORPORATE MARIJUANA REFERENDUM allegedly defeated in Ohio.  After watching elections being stolen here at least since 2004, we notice the usual symptoms of a rigged vote count.  The Secretary of State, who allegedly administers a fair vote count, was a vehement opponent of the legalization of pot, and even accused its backers of fraud.  There were breakdowns in Cincinnati in the polling apparatus.  And obvious irregularities in Dayton and elsewhere.  Polls showed Ohioans favoring the referendum by a significant margin but then defeating it in the balloting by 2:1, which makes no sense.  Unless you’re really really stoned, which Ohio will again have to wait a while to do, at least legally.


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