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May 26, 2015  



We talk with BECCA CLAASSEN and DR. JERRY BROWN of the World Business Academy in Santa Barbara about the latest catastrophe from King CONG (Coal, Oil, Nukes, Gas) as tens of thousands of gallons of oil spill onto pristine California beaches.

For years the region's citizens fought off shore drilling there.  Now, exactly what they predicted has happened---a pipeline company has spewed its crude all over the beaches and into the ocean, killing marine life and harming our planet with still more poisons.

Meanwhile, the company's owners go scott-free.

At the same time new revelations about earthquake faults surrounding Diablo Canyon have upped the ante on those shaky reactors' license.  Amidst chaos and death, we grow ever closer to shutting that horrific power plant.

Listen how from these two great activists, as we struggle to save the eco-systems without which we cannot survive.  

May 20, 2015  

A NUKE-FREE SOUTH PACIFIC and the END TO ATOMIC POWER in California and elsewhere is the domain of JIM HEDDLE and MARY BETH BRANGAN of the Ecological Options Network of Bolinas, California (

Mary Beth and Jim tell us first of their award-winning documentary on the resistance of the people of Palau against the incursion of the US nuclear military into their South Sea paradise.  For their troubles, EON was blacklisted by the Reagan Administration but has persevered over the years and is now at the forefront of documenting the fight to end atomic energy in California and make it a Solartopian reality.

EON continues to document the fight to deal with the radioactive waste from the thankfully shut San Onofre reactors, and to force Diablo to obey the law on issues of water quality, seismic safety and fire protection (

With their brilliant insights and rich history, Jim and Mary Beth's EON operation both documents and makes history (, and we're honored to hear them tell us how.  

May 13, 2015  

Yet another EXPLOSION AT INDIAN POINT has threatened the entire New York/New England region with a RADIOACTIVE APOCALYPSE.

Another transformer has yet again blown up at Entergy’s rogue reactors on the Hudson River some 40 miles north of Manhattan.

More than $8 TRILLION worth of damage could have followed along with more HUMAN DEATH AND INJURY than could ever be calculated.

Long-time expert activists SUSAN HITO SHAPIRO, GARY SHAW and JUDY ALLEN give us a Solartopian hour’s worth of absolutely essential information on this catastrophe that nearly happened but still lurks in the balance at these unlicensed, unmanageable and unconscionable atomic reactors that YOU can help shut down RIGHT NOW!!!!

May 5, 2015  

The escalating campaign to LEGALIZE CANNABIS is the work of our superb guest ERIC STERLING, President of the Criminal Justice Policy Foundation and a commissioner on the Maryland state commission implementing medical Cannabis there.

Eric first testified for legalizing cannabis to the Pennsylvania legislature more than four decades ago. He recalls for us the 1972 Schafer Commission, authorized by Congress and appointed by Richard Nixon, that advocated decriminalization. Nixon did his best to suppress the recommendations, which came from a blue-ribbon commission led by a Republican Governor of Pennsylvania. But 43 years later, after more than a million arrests, its wisdom is obvious.

With his decades of leadership on the issue, Eric takes us through the realities of legalization on Colorado and Washington, as well as the recent authorization of medical cannabis in Puerto Rico. He emphasizes that the term marijuana was adopted in the 1930s as a race-based stigmatization for cannabis, which has been used by humankind for a wide range of purposes for many millennia.

Eric also emphasizes the racial and political injustices still being perpetrated by a Drug War whose primary function has been to keep the rich in power while demonizing and disenfranchising those of youth and color.

If youre at all interested in our drug laws, the process of legalizing cannabis and the realities of our criminal justice system, dont miss this show!


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