Solartopia Green Power & Wellness Hour Harvey Wasserman embraces your views with a Solartopian vision of the people’s politics, ecology, holistic health and much more.

August 26, 2014  

HIROSHIMA DAY in Berkeley allowed me the opportunity speak at the Unitarian Meeting House for the August 6, 2014 commemoration of the terrible bombing and ensuing destruction, which is now being matched and more at FUKUSHIMA.  I had the honor and privilege of addressing a room full of fabulous citizen/activists about the burning issues of NUCLEAR POWER, ATOMIC WEAPONS AND OUR SOLARTOPIAN FUTURE on this sacred evening.  The talk was beautifully recorded by Maria Gilardin of WTUC radio, for which we deeply thank her.  We also thank the organizers of this evening, including Phoebe Sorgen, Cynthia Papermaster, Cecile Pineda and so many more.  Cecile, who is author of THE DEVIL'S TANGO, was kind enough to do the introductions.  We hope you find this hour-long presentation challenging and inspiring.

August 19, 2014  

RICHARD NIXON & HENRY KISSINGER SABOTAGED THE 1968 VIETNAM PEACE TALKS and cursed us all with 7 more years of war and hundreds of thousands of unnecessary deaths.  This "leftist conspiracy theory" which has been dismissed by the right for so many decades has now been definitively confirmed and is 100% part of the "mainstream" American legacy.  DAVID SWANSON, one of America's great peace writer/activists, and attorney BOB FITRAKIS, publisher of, professor of political science, thoroughly document this explosive reality now being so blithely ignored by the corporate media.  Bob and David also explore, as only they can, the illegal lies that led us into the wars in Iraq and Libya, as well as George H.W. Bush's treasonous delay of the release American hostages in Iran, guaranteeing the 1980 election of Ronald Reagan.  Proving once again that yesterday's "conspiracy theory" is tomorrow's proven historic reality, David and Bob plumb the depths of an imperial war machine that threatens us all while denying it all with ever-decreasing credibility.  

August 5, 2014  

PROFESSOR PETER MATHEWS tells us about his DOLLAR DEMOCRACY and how we must rise up to take back the power in this nation from the big corporations.  A writer, teacher, Congressional candidate, Peter is an informed, energetic advocate for the power of the people.    With his book in hand we cover issues of money in politics, the Constitutional Amendment ("Move to Amend") we need to deal with it, with war and empire, GMOs, education and much much more along the path to an enlightened, empowered grassroots nation.  In the opening to DOLLAR DEMOCRACY, the late great Senator Paul Wellstone says "politics is about the improvement of people's lives."  Peter Mathews beautifully expounds how his happens in this bracing, energetic chapter of the ride to Solartopia.  


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