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March 25, 2014  
Color photograph of the Three Mile Island nucl...
Color photograph of the Three Mile Island nuclear generating station, which suffered a partial meltdown in 1979. The reactors are in the smaller domes with rounded tops (the large smokestacks are just cooling towers). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

DEFINITIVE PROOF OF THE DEATH TOLL AT DIABLO CANYON comes to us from two great experts.  DR. JERRY BROWN of the World Business Academy and JOE MANGANO, MPH, report of their just-released study showing a clear rise in the death rate around California's 2 remaining atomic reactors at San Luis Obispo.  

Joe also discusses definitive health studies showing the death toll at Three Mile Island and tells us what to expect when sea-borne radiation arrives on the beaches of California.  Mangano's studies were the first to show the impacts in the United States from the radiation that came here by air just five days after the explosions and Fukushima, and he warns that worse is yet to com.  

If you are at all concerned about the on-going dangers of radiation from atomic reactors near and far, this powerful interview lays the foundation for a scientific basis for global concern.  

March 18, 2014  
Geiger-Müller radiation detector.

FUKUSHIMA RADIATION ALL OVER AMERICA is the grim reality we now face.  We hear from MICHAEL COLLINS whose in southern California has done the breakthrough reporting 
on the detection of radioactive fallout from Fukushima.  Collins tells us that Geiger Counter readings from the California coast to Death Valley to Texas, Florida and elsewhere are showing huge spikes in 
radiation that can only be coming from Japan.  The implications for the health of all living things are horrifying, but this is the post-Apocalyptic planet we now occupy.

To open the show we get a roundup from NICK THABIT at on the dozens of protests, gatherings, rallies, etc that happened around the world to
commemorate the beginning of the Fukushima disaster.

March 4, 2014  

FUKUSHIMA: THE STORY OF A DISASTER is the work of DAVID LOCHBAUM and SUSAN STRANAHAN who give us the inside scoop on what really went wrong in Japan.  Long-time veterans of the industry and the issue, Dave & Susan joined with the UNION OF CONCERNED SCENTISTS' Ed Lyman to co-author this definitive piece on the on-going disaster there.  Susan and Dave give us the details on the numerous US reactors that face similar catastrophe, ranging from California's Diablo Canyon the Indian Point, just north of New York City. The superb, deeply informative hour is not to be missed by anyone planning to live on this planet much longer.


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