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February 25, 2014  

SAFE ENERGY IN THE SOUTHEAST as the Solartopia Show is honored by long-time activists TOM CLEMENTS and SARA BARZCAK.  These Solartopiam stalwarts fill us in on the battles over federal loan guarantees for the overpriced, untested and uninsurable AP-1000 reactors being built in Georgia on your taxpayer dollars, and the two more being rammed down the throats of South Carolina ratepayers.  These "vanguard" new nukes are the last vile hope of an industry headed rapidly down the tubes, along with the equally unproved "small modular reactors" which don't really exist but seem to sound good to that caterpillar on the mushroom.

We are initially joined by NICK THABIT who fills us in on the exciting new demonstrations being planned for the March 11 anniversary of the start of the Fukushima disaster.  See you in Solartopia!

February 19, 2014  

FUKUSHIMA DAY DEMONSTRATIONS upcoming on 3/11 as NICK THABIT fills us in on plans to be present at Japanese consulates throughout the world.  We will be fasting that day and Nick will be with us every week ttil then to tell us what's going on.  

Long-time activist BILL ZIMMERMAN takes us back to his 1960s activist days with his book TROUBLEMAKER.  He fills us in on the major demonstrations for peace in Indochina and his amazing role as a pilot flying supplies into the native encampment at Wounded Knee in 1973.

Bill then tells us about the STUDENT LOAN CRISIS and the gargantuan burden this astonishing bank rip-off has dump on young college graduates and the society as a whole.  Bill explains the massive civil disobedience campaign he thinks could turn the tide and free millions of American citizens from the "prison without walls" that is our student debt scam.  

February 11, 2014  

Radioactive death and disease from FUKUSHIMA'S FALLOUT poured over the USS RONALD REAGAN in March, 2011, as 3 melt-downs and 4 explosions ravaged the reactor site.
Crew member Lieutenant Steve Simmons tells us how his health has been destroyed in the three years since the ship sailed in and out of fallout clouds that the reactors' owners said did not exist.
The boat's officers told crew members not to drink or bath in the ship's water while also assuring them it was all "perfectly safe."
Attorneys PAUL GARNER and CHARLES BONNER have filed in federal court on behalf of 79 sailors, two children and potentially up to 70,000 Americans who were exposed. More Americans who were harmed---including a sailor who was pregnant at the time, and whose child has been born with birth defects---await in the wings.
This is the opening testimony in what may become the most devastating legal proceeding of the nuclear age.

February 4, 2014  
Nuclear power plant

HOW MUCH RADIATION is coming from Fukushima and our own nukes?

The quick answer:  NOBODY KNOWS!!

We talk with SUSAN SHAPIRO, KEVIN KAMPS and GRETEL JOHNSTON about the life & death issue of radiation monitoring.  All have met repeatedly with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the Environmental Protection Agency.  What they tell us is

deeply disturbing:  the NRC defers to the EPA, and the EPA defers to the NRC, and in the end, both rely on the industry itself to tell us how much they're dosing us with.  In other words:  all the assurances we hear about nukes not killing anyone are UTTER NONSENSE.  Get the inside lowdown from these three amazing experts and prepare to SHUT THIS INDUSTRY DOWN!!!


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