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December 23, 2013  

ELECTION THEFT and the MURDER OF MICHAEL CONNELL, plus potential GOP Presidential nominee John Kasich and FRACKING come to us with Dr. BOB FITRAKIS.  Bob is editor and publisher of and my long-time co-author of a half-dozen books on election protection and much more.  Hear all the latest from America's most crucial swing state on the current governor who would be president and the ever-murkier murder of the man who may have stolen the 2004 election, not to mention the radioactive glories of fracking and the end of food stamps for some 130,000 hungry Ohioans.

December 16, 2013  

Dr. Christopher Busby speaks of the radiation dangers from 3 Mile Island Chernobyl and Fukushima. Dr. Busby is one of the world's top experts on radiation and health.  Yet his work is being attacked by a nuclear industry that does not want to hear the bad news.  He explains the reason for the heightened death rate in California and the rest of the West Coast due to Fukushima.  And much much more.  If you are interested in the health effects of atomic power,  don't miss this show. 

December 9, 2013  

DYING NUKE REACTORS ARE MORE EXPENSIVE THAT YOU THINK!!  Long-time activists DEB KATZ and SUSAN SHAPIRO discuss the amazing problems and expense involved with shutting down and decommissioning reactors like Vermont Yankee and Indian Point.  Getting the fuel rods out of the reactors and into their coffins is far more complicated than the industry wants to let on.  And that's just the start of it!!

December 2, 2013  

WIND POWER SUCCESS on Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard as we talk nuts-and-bolts with happy turbine owners about their backyard machines.  Chris Rawley & Ron Zweig in Falmouth describe their beloved "Dolly" which has been generating electricity for nearly five years.  Mitchell Posin praises his two-year-old turbine as it towers over Chilmark's Allen Farm Sheep & Wool company, generating both juice and profits.  And we explore the tribulations of two embattled Falmouth turbines as well as the Cape Wind Project, fully permitted and slated---despite Koch Brother opposition---to soon supply clean Solartopian green power throughout the region.  


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