Solartopia Green Power & Wellness Hour Harvey Wasserman embraces your views with a Solartopian vision of the people’s politics, ecology, holistic health and much more.

September 23, 2013  
September 16, 2013  

The SUPERPOWER OF PEACE has stopped the war on Syria, at least for the time being.  We celebrate this great victory with BOB FITRAKIS of and explore the world of difference the forces of peace have made over the decade since George W. Bush attacked Iraq.  The truce may be temporary.  But for now, let's celebrate!

September 9, 2013  

NUKE VICTORIES and ATOMIC DISASTERS are with us at this Solartopia Green Power & Wellness Show.  Long-time No Nukes heroes DEB KATZ and PAUL GUNTER illuminate the nuts and bolts of the epic four-decade-long battle that has finally won the announced shut-down of Vermont Yankee.  Their stellar work provides a primer in how grassroots organizing can change the world.  Paul then reports on PANDORA'S PROMISE, the obscene dis-infomercial now pushed at CNN and elsewhere by backers of an untested corporate-sponsored pre-failed reactor technology.  We finish with the latest horrifying news from FUKUSHIMA, which only gets worse on an apocalyptic scale.  Wanna eat PACIFIC FISH?  Forget about it!  Forever!!


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