Solartopia Green Power & Wellness Hour Harvey Wasserman embraces your views with a Solartopian vision of the people’s politics, ecology, holistic health and much more.

July 29, 2013  

THE CORPORATE MURDER OF DETROIT, GLOBAL SPYING BY THE NSA and ELECTRONIC ELECTION THEFT come to the Solartopia Show with award-winning BOB FITRAKIS, publisher of   My longtime co-conspirator has broken critical new ground on how the Obama Administration is bankrupting, spying and disenfranchising us all.

But we finish with OUR VICTORY IN THE CULTURAL REVOLUTION and how the left has completely transformed mainstream America's lifestyle.  Can the corporate state abide a progressive culture?  We doubt it!!!
July 22, 2013  

MARIANNE WILLIAMSON joins the Solartopia Green Power & Wellness Show as we explore the realms of consciousness in winning righteous wealth and social change.  Author of countless books, Marianne celebrates our victory in shutting southern California's San Onofre Nuclear Units 2 & 3 while emphasizing the power of positive spirituality in creating the kind of world we want.  We talk about legal industrial hemp and the need for new attitudes toward food and agriculture if we are to survive on this planet.  Join us to enjoy Marianne's divine presence.  She will be back!

July 15, 2013  
DOLLAROCRACY brings ROBERT McCHESNEY to the SOLARTOPIA GREEN POWER & WELLNESS SHOW as we explore the sad tale of how mega-corporations have come to dominate modern American politics.  The reborn Robber Barons of today's corporate junta have taken control of our political system to a whole new level.  From Lewis Powell to John Roberts, the Supreme Court has been their primary legal weapon.  Author/co-author of 23 books, McChesney tells us how the mega-money vultures have come to roost in the electronic age.
This show is dedicated to the glorious life of Toshi Seeger.
July 8, 2013  

We start our SOLARTOPIA GREEN POWER & WELLNESS SHOW with the campaign to save the famous CHAIN REACTION statue that now graces downtown Santa Monica.  Dave Conrad, son of the famed cartoonist, tells us of the popular movement to preserve this unique 26-foot-high monument to ending the nuclear age.

Then we explore the MYTH OF NUCLEAR SWORDS TO PLOUGHSHARES as exposed by Georgia activist Glenn Carroll.  We examine the realities of the hugely over-budget Savannah River Project in South Carolina.  This immense federal boondoggle was meant to convert weapons-grade plutonium into commercial reactor fuel but has jumped in price by a factor of at least ten, and the Obama Administration is, thankfully, working to pull the plug.  Along with the chaotic construction problems at Georgia' Vogtle and Summer in South Carolina, Glenn tells us in depth how the future of nuclear power in the southeast is very much in doubt.

Glenn also shocks us with the news that the TEA PARTY in Georgia has been moved to action by soaring nuclear subsidies, and is now FIGHTING HARD FOR SOLAR POWER, a first as best we can tell in the entire nation.  Join us in Solartopia to hear it all!!!

July 1, 2013  

THE CIA HEARTS HOLLYWOOD as writer-editor Ed Rempell and actor David Clennon tell us how Spies R Us impacts what we see at the theaters and on TV.  Rempell links the 1950s ritual murders of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg to today's hyper-assault on our rights and freedoms.  Clennon, who played an American diplomat in the classic 1970s film MISSING, shows why so many of today's movies are about espionage and the national security state.  Join us as Solartopia takes the NSA to the silver screen.


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