Solartopia Green Power & Wellness Hour Harvey Wasserman embraces your views with a Solartopian vision of the people’s politics, ecology, holistic health and much more.

April 29, 2013  

OUR PEOPLE'S GREEN (SHADOW) CABINET with JILL STEIN, 2012 Green Party Presidential candidate comes to as after the great ACE HOFFMAN gives us the weekly update on the struggle to keep those SAN ONOFRE reactors shut.  As local governments line up in opposition, and whistleblowers warn of likely disaster, a tsunami of safe energy activism is redefining the future of southern California.

As for "Madame President" Jill Stein, since her 2012 campaign she's been been pulling together a "government" of organizers and experts who can save this country in ways the corporate mainstream will never imagine.  With some 80 lifelong activists of all ages, backgrounds and areas of expertise, this merry band of great minds and hearts is offering hope and guidance for a sustainable world to come.

April 22, 2013  

WE GET TO SOLARTOPIA BY SHUTTING SAN ONOFRE as we begin with nuclear opponents Donna Gilmore and Michael Mariotte.  From southern California Donna tells us about the local battle to keep Units 2 & 3 permanently shut.  Michael speaks from the Nuclear Information & Resource Service about how the Nuclear Regulatory Commission needs to be forced to stop giving out licenses to reactors that threaten us all.

Then PAUL GIPE re-joins us to further explain the nuts and bolts of how Solartopian technology is re-shaping our world's energy system.  A true godfather of the renewable energy industry, Paul's iron grip on the nitty-gritties of the green transformation in Germany and elsewhere makes for an irreplaceable primer on how we must power a truly sustainable future.

April 15, 2013  

CLEAN TECH NATION with CLINT WILDER comes to the Solartopia Green Power & Wellness Show today at 3pm eastern at  Clint has a world of wisdom on where our country needs to go to convert to safe, cheap, clean technologies that will allow us to survive on this planet.  We'll trade some "war stories" on 2 No Nukes concerts 30 years apart. But before we go there, Myla Reson will join us from southern California with the latest on the battle to keep San Onofre shut.

April 8, 2013  
WINNING A TOTALLY GREEN GRID is the Solartopian goal of legendary renewables pioneer PAUL GIPE at this landmark Green Power & Wellness Show. For decades Paul has pioneered the power of wind, solar and the whole array of renewable energy resources.  One of the planet's most powerful advocates of the feed-in tariff, Paul speaks with brilliance and clarity of green power industry's  accelerating capabilities to produce ALL our industrial energy far faster than many believed possible.  This is absolutely critical information for everyone who works for our survival on this planet.
April 1, 2013  

ELECTION THEFT AND THE RESTORATION OF DEMOCRACY are center stage as BOB FITRAKIS joins the Green Power & Wellness Show to talk about the litany of ways we are denied our voice.   A new generation of Jim Crow laws deny people of color, elders, young people, poor people and other suspected small-d voters of our rights.  Electronic voting machines flip the ballot count.  Gerrymandered Congressional and statewide districts entrench a moneyed minority.  Money in politics and corporate personhood lock in the power of the super-rich.  The Senate filibuster makes the possibility of appointing a person with democratic views to the US Supreme Court.  As we sum up the barriers to our democracy, we also hear from ACE HOFFMAN about the latest insanities at California's SAN ONOFRE NUCLEAR unit 2, where the utilities want to run a damaged reactor, near earthquake faults in a tsunami zone, as an "experiment" with 8 million people in the vicinity---and all the rest of us downwind.


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