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March 19, 2018  
Amidst the horrors of atomic power and its catastrophic failure, we speak with three powerful women about their devastating personal experiences with nuclear radiation.
Talk-radio/podcast host LIBBE HALEVY was in central Pennsylvania when TMI melted.  Terribly traumatized, she returned to Los Angeles and eventually started her popular and influential NUCLEAR HOTSEAT podcast.
BEVERLY FINDLAY-KANEKO was in Japan when Fukushima exploded.  She and her family still deal with the disaster on an intensely personal basis.
STACY GRIFFITHS was ten years old and living near Three Mile Island when it spewed radiation throughout the region.  She is now surrounded by the dead and dying as the toll of the disaster has escalated over the decades.
This deeply moving exploration into the tangible consequences of our atomic folly is not to be missed.  
March 9, 2018  

RUSSIA and election theft today with heroes of democracy JOHN BRAKEY and CHRIS SAUTTER as we assess the power of the Manchurian Mafia and the dawn of new voting machine technology.

This primer on vote fraud and the dawn of verified voting is the new bottom line on our balloting future.

Nobody knows more about the nuts and volts of our electoral process than these two guys. Don't miss their genius.

March 2, 2018  

TRUMP and the MAFIA are at center stage as BOB FITRAKIS gives us the inside story. Russian election tampering is the tip of the iceberg of a career totally intertwined with organized crime.

Then STEPHEN FRANTZ tells us all about the world killing glyphosate which threatens all life on Earth

Two vital topics with truly great experts.  Don't miss this show!!