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April 29, 2014  

SOLAR POWER is now a $100 billion industry, and NEVILLE WILLIAMS has been present at the creation.  His new SUN POWER tells the riveting story of his evolution from a Vietnam War correspondent to a solar entrepreneur who helped start two very successful green companies.  One of those companies has fit more than 100,000 homes in India with panels that give them their light.  Another has done tens of millions of dollars worth of installations throughout our nation's capital.

Neville's personal acquaintance with the great Arthur C. Clarke and his decades of amazingly effective work in the solar business make for great radio listening---and for some real guidelines on how to plunge into an industry whose Childhood's End is very much at hand….with trillions of dollars about to be made while saving the Earth for generations to come.  

April 22, 2014  

We celebrate EARTH DAY in Solartopia with the great MICHAEL MARIOTTE, president of the Nuclear Information & Resource Service and editor of the GREENWORLD Blog.

Michael's unique expertise takes us on a tour of the collapsing nuclear power industry in Europe, the US and Japan while we ride on the astonishing rise of the global renewable energy industry.  As Michael points out, it's now cheaper in many parts of the United States to solar on your rooftop and leave the grid altogether than it is to stay with the dying fossil-nuke dinosaur.

As we celebrate our planet, don't miss hearing from a life-long activist whose unique power & expertise has helped make our staying much more feasible.

April 15, 2014  

We dissect the monumental study by the INTERGOVERNMENTAL PANEL ON CLIMATE CHANGE with solar pioneer SCOTT SKLAR and TIM JUDSON of the Nuclear Information & Resource Service.  This authoritative survey by the IPCC has offered a powerful endorsement of renewable energy as the ultimate solution to our climate chaos, and Scott and Tim explain how.

In particular, the IPCC warns that the world must take action very quickly to save our climate balance, but that with renewables and efficiency it can be done.  It lays out many of the serious problems with atomic power and should help put to bed the false notion that nukes can help.  

In fact, both Tim and Scott lay out the details of why the transition we must make leaves nukes in their radioactive dust.

Don't miss this definitive dive into the devastating details of why climate change is real and how renewables can solve the problems that atomic energy has made so much worse.

April 8, 2014  

TRUTHDIG.COM Managing Editor PETER SCHEER joins us for a free-range romp through today's political scene, from Barack Obama and the politics of race to nuclear power, global warming and the grim realities of the Los Angeles "River" and its desperate restoration.

Peter manages one of America's few remaining independent news outlets, a lively, eclectic website that has somehow survived the winds of change at the intersect between the internet and the news biz.  From Jerry Brown to Hillary Clinton and beyond, this show follows suit.  It's open talk radio the way Solartopia means it to be.   

April 1, 2014  
English: Internationally recognized symbol. De...
English: Internationally recognized symbol. Deutsch: Gefahrensymbol für Radioaktivität. Image:Radioactive.svg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

These are the world's leading researchers on the health impacts from atomic radiation as manifested around commercial reactors.  Their peer-reviewed studies show definitively that when nuclear reactors shut, the health of the downwind human population improves.  That radiation from FUKUSHIMA has impacted human beings throughout the United States.  That CHERNOBYL has killed at least a million people around the world.  And that the commercial reactors don't need to melt down and explode to destroy the health of the people living near by.

Next time someone tells you atomic energy is safe, send them to listen to Joe and Janette for this definitive hour deep in the heart of Solartopia….


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